The Hybrid Operating Room of HYGEIA Hospital is spread on an area of 87 s.m. and uses state-of-the-art technology, which includes:

A. Digital Cardiovascular Imaging System Allura Xper FD20 (by PHILIPS), which is considered a state of the art imaging system. It includes:

  • (1) Generator Velara CFD.
  • (2) Liquid metal x-ray TUBE MRC 200GS 0407.
  • (3) Digital reception and imaging using FLAT PANEL 30x40cm.
  • (4) Ceiling mounted suspension with three dimensional movement, offering all the projections needed in modern imaging of the peripheral, coronary and cerebral vessels.
  • (5) Digital system and all the necessary image processing softwares resulting in:
    • a) peripheral angiography, cerebral angiography, digital subtraction angiography, roadmapping, coronary angiography.
    • b) digital image enhancement using the following software: Spirit, Xres Vascular, FD Smart Mask, Refresh Light.
    • c) multiple peripheral, cerebral and cardiac measurements (Vascular Quantitative Package, Quantitative Coronary Analysis Package, Left Ventricular Quantification Analysis Package).
    • d) rotational peripheral, cerebral and coronary angiography.
    • e) three dimensional rotational peripheral, cerebral and coronary angiography (3DRA) with separate working station.
    • f) three dimensional roadmapping.
    • g) CT like images (Xper CT) offering computed tomography imaging valuable for detection of bleeding and for three dimensional examination and treatment of soft tissue and bones.
    • h) real time needle guiding (Xper Guide) allowing real time, three dimensional guiding of biopsy needles and percutaneous radiofrequency treatment.
    • i) single mobile control station for both the imaging system and the hybrid operating room table.

B. Carbon Fiber Hybrid Operating Room Table Magnus (by MAQUET), suitable for vascular surgery, endovascular surgery, interventional cardiology, cardiac surgery, interventional radiology, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, general and trauma surgery. The characteristics of this state of the art hybrid operating room table are the following:

  • (1) Carbon fiber table top offering 360° radiotranslucency for the entire length of the human body.
  • (2) Motorized three dimensional movement.
  • (3) Electronic integration with the imaging system offering:
    • a) synchronized three dimensional movement of the imaging system and the operating table
    • b) complex two and three dimensional imaging of the entire cardiovascular system
    • c) combined control of the imaging system and the operating table from a single unit.
  • (4) Accessory adapters can be installed immediately and can accommodate any surgical retractor necessary for open procedures performed by vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, general and trauma surgery.

With MAGNUS Hybrid Operating Room Table any endovascular procedure is immediately converted to an open one without moving the patient at all. It is also possible to perform on the same patient multiple combined endovascular and open procedures.

HYGEIA Hospital purchased three different table tops suitable for all complex procedures performed by all surgical and interventional specialties.

C. Monitors

There are six high definition monitors for two and three dimensional imaging in black and white or colored.

D. Operating room led satellite lights by MAQUET

These are three last generation LED surgical lights with automatic illumination management. Furthermore, each one has a second light for endovascular procedures which does not reflect on the monitors.

E. Ceiling Mounted Suspension System, especially designed for hybrid operating rooms. (Satellite Operating Room Arms by MAQUET). A combination of eight (8) arms and two (2) mounting hubs creates a state of the art suspension system for independent movement of monitors, lights and radiation shields, which follow the physician in whatever part of the patient’s body he operates on (from head to toe), without interfering with the imaging system or the operating table.

F. Ceiling and table mounted radiation shields.

G. State-of-the-art Surgical Room Equipment suitable for the most complex operations of all surgical and interventional specialties.

H. Picture Archive And Communication System (PACS).