What is Treatment of Varicose Veins with Venaseal (Superglue Treatment)

It is a state of the art, minimally invasive, pain free treatment of varicose veins. Venaseal can treat all kinds of varicose veins caused by insufficiency of greater saphenous vein, lesser saphenous vein or any of their branches. It is the only treatment that uses a very powerful endovascular glue (cyanoacrylate), which causes immediate obstruction and subsequent absorption of the diseased veins.

Venaseal System
Venaseal System


Under local anesthesia at the insertion site only, a special catheter is placed inside the diseased vein. Using a dedicated delivery system (delivery gun), the superglue Venaseal is delivered in the vein.

The entire procedure is monitored in real time with state of the art, high definition, color duplex ultrasound. This enables the surgeon to place the superglue very accurately inside the vessel. The vein is obstructed immediately and it is absorbed at a later stage.

At the same time, if needed, microvarisectomy can be performed, in most of the cases under local anesthesia.

Most of the patients return home to their daily activities the same day, without an elastic stocking. In rare cases of very extensive varicose veins, they may need to stay in the hospital for a few hours and they may wear an elastic stocking for one week.

Venaseal can treat the entire length of any vein that causes varicosities (greater saphenous, lesser saphenous or any of their branches).

As with any other treatment, normal blood flow is achieved through other, healthy veins.

Venaseal treatment is FDA approved and numerous studies have demonstrated its safety, advantages and excellent results.

Treatment with Venaseal
Treatment with Venaseal


Venaseal treatment:

  1. Does not require general anesthesia
  2. Does not require tumescent anesthesia. Endovenous laser and radiofrequency require multiple sticks for tumescent anesthesia.
  3. Treats the vast majority of patients with varicose veins, including those with insufficiency of the entire length of greater saphenous or lesser saphenous vein or any of their branches.
  4. Does not require elastic stocking after the procedure (laser and radiofrequency do need one for several weeks)
  5. Is pain free
  6. Is minimally invasive
  7. Does not require discontinuation of antiplatelet or anticoagulant medications
  8. Allows same day return to daily activities. In case of very extensive varicose veins, this is done the following day.
  9. Unlike laser and radiofrequency, it does not use thermal energy, therefore avoids the potential risk of skin or nerve injury.
  10. Treats the entire length of diseased veins (laser and radiofrequency do so only down to the knee)
  11. Treats very superficial saphenous veins (this is a contraindication for laser and radiofrequency)
  12. Has excellent results, similar to laser and radiofrequency and far better than foam sclerotherapy.

By entering the vein Venaseal Super Κόλλα polymerizes and closes the vein
By entering the vein Venaseal Super Glue polymerizes and closes the vein

At our Clinic at Hygeia Hospital we performed for the first time in Greece the “Superglue Treatment” with Venaseal.

Venaseal has excellent results and has already been performed successfully in a large number of patients. Furthermore, in our Clinic, we continue to use older methods for varicose vein treatment (endovascular laser, radiofrequency, foam sclerotherapy, endovascular stripping, variscectomy). We offer an individualized treatment to each patient in order to achieve excellent results with minimal complications and small risk of recurrence.