1. Minimally invasive vascular procedures can be performed in a larger percentage of the patients, especially those with multiple medical problems. This can be accomplished due to:
    a) Superb digital image quality that enables the use of the most advanced endovascular devices
    b) Simultaneous multiple vascular access from different areas of the body (groin, upper limb, foot, chest, abdomen)
  2. Performance at the same time of multiple minimally invasive or open procedures in different parts of the cardiovascular system.
  3. Utmost patient safety because it allows the immediate conversion of a minimally invasive to an open procedure, if the first one cannot be completed.
  4. Reduced radiation for the patient and medical staff.
  5. Reduced administration of contrast material to the patient (it is given in order to visualize the blood vessels).
  6. Reduced risk of infection.